Why Phoenix?

The Phoenix Academy teaching methods are guided by the philosophy of individualizing education to meet the needs of all students.  The processes used  to accomplish this are;

1. Data-Driven Decision Making (DDD): We use data about how a student is progressing to create individualized lessons based on that information.

2. Daily 5 for reading and Daily 3 for math: A research backed process that maximizes engagement and small group instruction with the teacher.

3. Mastery Learning: When students are not successful in a given lesson or unit, we re-teach and re-assess until students are successful.

4. Art Integration: Proven to reduce boredom, increase critical thinking, motivation and a variety of other 21st century skills.


Phoenix Academy  teachers will use data gathered frequently from student assessments(formal and informal) and develop small group or individualized lessons to go back and re-teach concepts until all students have learned or mastered the topic (mastery learning). In some cases, this process will be used to plan advanced lessons or projects (enrichment) for advanced students needing more challenging work. This practice helps to ensure that all students are learning a standard prior to advancing on in the curriculum. This is especially important in topics of math and science where success in one standard is often dependent upon how well a student has mastered previous ones. For example, we want to make sure that students have mastered the topic of adding and subtracting fractions before they move on to multiplying and dividing fractions. In order to support mastery learning in the classrooms, Phoenix Academy teachers use a rotation - based teaching methodology (similar to daily 5) allowing students to be more active with the curriculum, receive individualized attention from the teacher and work in groups with students at similar academic levels. Regular small-group and individualized learning may occurs daily as needed. Small group and individualized learning benefits all students, including those who are advanced and may become bored easily in class. Within this highly supportive classroom design, advanced students can also work in small groups or individually on enrichment projects designed around their particular interests.


Charter Schools

What exactly is a charter school? A charter school is a tuition-free, independent public school that welcomes all students regardless of ability or need. Charter schools are governed and operated jointly by licensed teachers, parents, and community members (Minnesota Association of Charter Schools). 
Are there fees or tuition to attend your school? No; Phoenix Academy is a public school district. As such, it is tuition free.
Are you part of the North Branch Area school district? Phoenix Academy is its own independent district serving North Branch and surrounding communities; however, we contract with 4.0 School Services for transportation.

Phoenix Academy of Arts and Science 

What is the average class size? At Phoenix Academy the average class size is 20 students, and class sizes are capped at 22-24 students. This continues to be a top priority.
How is Phoenix Academy different from other schools? Smaller class sizes enable our educators to better serve the needs of individual students. We provide a well-rounded curriculum, including music or art daily, that is designed to produce students whom love learning.


What makes Phoenix Academy successful? Small class sizes and a staff to student ratio of 15:1 creates an easier learning environment. We use

research supported curriculum, have small group instruction daily, and have a uniform policy to enhance a strong school culture. At Phoenix we provide professional development for teachers, and our staff possess (and demonstrate) attributes of flexibility, optimism, adaptability, and the ability to problem solve.

What is the philosophy of education at Phoenix Academy? "Creating a Lifetime Love of Learning" is our mission. We strive to give students what they need to be successful not only in school, but in life as well. 

Does Phoenix Academy offer elective courses such as band, art, shop, et cetera? 
We have music and art programs for grades K-6, and band for 5-8th. We also offer Exploratory Fridays throughout the school year, where the students are able to go to different classrooms for interactive science, art, music, and STEM lessons. 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities


What athletic teams are available? Currently we do not offer any sports opportunities for students. 

Special Education and Gifted & Talented Services

Are Special Education and Gifted and Talented accommodations offered? Yes. We have skilled, experienced special education professionals to meet the needs of students who need accommodations and/or enrichment.
Do you have a school nurse? We do not have a nurse on staff, but our wellness/office staff handles the day-to-day duties in the health office.

Start & End Times and School Year Calendar


What are the start and end times for the school day? Our school day is 8:10AM to 2:20PM.  Pick up and drop off times may change slightly due to our reliance on the 4.0 Services bus garage for transportation; however, they do not vary significantly. 
What does your yearly school calendar look like? Our calendar can be accessed here. We follow similar days off to the North Branch Area District.